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Black Cherry Tarts

Black Cherry Tarts

Black Cherry Tarts - $15.95

The delicious sweetness of rich, ripe black cherries that will envelope your home... It"s all that you love about black cherries without the pits! Black cherry scented tarts with hidden jewelry.

​Jumbo 5.5oz package of 6 scented wax tarts - 100% all natural soy wax tart. Jewelry hidden in every package of scented wax tarts.
•Up to 60 hours of fragrance.
•Great for your tart warmer, candle warmer, potpourri pot or Scentsy warmers.
•Requires a warmer to melt the wax. Each package of wax tarts contains 1 piece of jewelry.

Many scented wax tarts are only 1 oz to 3 oz. Our wax tarts are much larger, last much longer and have the surprise of hidden jewelry inside!

Jewelry Selection: necklace, earrings and women ring sizes 6-9

Location: Madrid
Posted: Oct-13-14

Phone: 5152070266